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    • 1 x Protein Pancake Mix by Boutique Bake
    • ​400ml of Almond or Soya Milk
    • 2 mashed ripe bananas
    • 125g of Raspberries, chopped in half

    Salted Caramel Topping

    • 15 Dates
    • ​4 Tablespoons of warm water (Add 1 more depending on dryness)
    • A pinch of Sea Salt

    Maple Pecans

    • 1 dessert spoon of Maple Syrup
    • A large handful of pecans
    • Pinch of sea salt


    • 125g of raspberries, sliced in half
    • Half of a pomegranate
    • Drizzle of Maple Syrup​



    1. Preheat oven to 180oc / Gas Mark 4. Line an oven proof dish with greaseproof paper. Place pecans on tray and drizzle over maple syrup and sea salt.
    2. Bake for 10 mins until golden (Make sure to keep an eye on the pecans as they will burn easily!)
    3. Chop into small pieces and set aside until serving
    4. Next it’s time to make our caramel sauce, place dates, salt and warm water into a food processor and blitz until completely smooth. This will take 5-10 mins.
    5. Once blitzed and completely smooth, set aside until serving
    6. Pour your Pancake mix into a large mixing bowl and add in wet ingredients.
    7. Mix well until there are no lumps! (If using the vegan version, mash/blend the bananas really well before adding to mix)
    8. Slice the raspberries in half and add them into batter. Mix well!
    9. Heat a frying pan over a high heat and add a small amount of coconut oil to grease the pan.  
    10. Once hot, reduce to a medium heat and add 2 dessert spoons of the batter to the centre of the pan and cook.
    11. Fry on each side for 2 mins or until the pancake is golden brown.
    12. Repeat steps 3-5 until all the pancake mixture has been used
    13. The mix should make 16 medium sized pancakes.
    14. Next, it’s time to decorate!
    15. We’ve used chopped raspberries and pomegranates to decorate our pancakes but feel free to use your favourite fruits!
    16. Scoop two tablespoons of the caramel topping (heat slightly if desired!) onto your pancakes and sprinkle over more fruit & the maple pecans
    17. Drizzle maple syrup over the stack if desired
    18. Serve & Enjoy!!


    A little bit about Catherine Buggy, Our Head Baker:

    'Food and in particular baking are my absolute passion and in 2013 I turned my love of baking in to a business and founded Boutique Bake. At Boutique Bake, I created a range of gourmet baking mixes which are sold throughout stores in Ireland. Running my own business can be pretty full on, so I absolutely love getting into the kitchen and baking and creating different variations using my range of mixes! My recipes are all easy to follow, tried and tested and most importantly they taste absolutely delicious!

    Love, Catherine xx'